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In Scrapperjack, the player takes the role of a hapless alien engineer aboard the ill-fated Starship Pinto. When a low-orbit accident turns the ship into a scrap field, they must don their rickety jetpack and maneuver through the wreckage to the intact escape pods, before they crash to the ground!
The player is treated to a series of short but intense 3D platforming gauntlets, where their main source of movement is constantly breaking apart. More powerful movement abilities such as double-jumps and gliding consume more durability, which can only be refilled by pickups of free-floating scrap.

Involvement in development: August 2022 to November 2022, Team size: 7

Click here to download and play the game (PC only)

Audio Samples

Main theme/menu theme of the game

Excited Rocket Ride is the level theme for the game

Gameplay Demo